Genevieve premieres new tune on Noisey





“Enter LA-based singer Genevieve (formerly of Company of Thieves who disbanded earlier this year) slots neatly in this space with her first single, “Colors,” premiering above. With its abundance of vocal layers and a wildly energetic chorus, this song is a gleeful, unabashed pop stomp, while lyrically Genevieve guides listeners through themes of self-worth and you-do-you—which is of course, all too fitting for a girl taking a stab at solo stardom. We talked to Genevieve about “Colors,” competition, and walking through drug deals in LA.”

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The Prettiots debut new single on Nylon Mag – “Boys (I Dated In High School)”


“If you were to put an epic sleepover—complete with wine, popcorn, Cards Against Humanity, and your best friends—into song form, it would sound a lot like The Prettiots. The New York trio craft classic girl talk into sing-along jams, and we’ve been obsessed ever since they first officiallly formed last year. Stocked with lyrics like “All I want to do is make out with you,” the band’s ukelele-driven tracks like “Dreamboy” could’ve easily be lifted from our old diaries (except minus all of the embarassing anecdotes that nobody wants to relive). “

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New York Mag’s The Cut features the new single from The Prettiots


Adorable ukulele/punk-enthusiasts the Prettiots just released a song about the supercool boys you liked in your youth. It’s called “Boys (I Dated in High School),” and you will want to transcribe the whole thing and tape it to your wall, out of overwhelming solidarity/nostalgia/sympathy/appreciation of the liberating moment when your crush-goggles fall away and you realize that your beautiful-cool-alt boy is not all that, at all.”

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