Summer Heart profiled by MTV Iggy


Sounds Like: Putting an umbrella in your drink and sipping on it under a sunlamp.

We’ve yet to figure out why so many Swedish musicians are so adept at tropically-kissed pop that suggests, if not actual tan lines, then a least a familiarity with the whole fun and sun dynamic. (An official study on the matter should clearly be launched.) Add Malmö-based musician David Alexander to the list of artists from the region that have us dreaming about sipping on drinks with little umbrellas in them. Of course, with a band name like Summer Heart, this should come as no surprise.”


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Genevieve premieres new tune on Noisey





“Enter LA-based singer Genevieve (formerly of Company of Thieves who disbanded earlier this year) slots neatly in this space with her first single, “Colors,” premiering above. With its abundance of vocal layers and a wildly energetic chorus, this song is a gleeful, unabashed pop stomp, while lyrically Genevieve guides listeners through themes of self-worth and you-do-you—which is of course, all too fitting for a girl taking a stab at solo stardom. We talked to Genevieve about “Colors,” competition, and walking through drug deals in LA.”

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